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Welcome to Teigwaren Riesa

Riesa Pasta gives you extra!

We use only the very best raw ingredients! These are carefully processed and made into finest premium pasta. We are totally committed to our customers enjoying healthy food.

Wheat Raw Materials:

In order to produce our branded products, we use only the best durum wheat semolina available. Durum wheat distinguishes itself from the less expensive wheat above all through its higher protein content. The higher protein in the durum wheat also helps the pasta not to stick together and to have a better al dente taste. On top of that the amber colored durum wheat semolina gives the pasta a beautiful golden hue.

High Pasta Quality and its advantages

We use only the freshest eggs for the production of our egg pasta. The addition of eggs defines the taste, intensifies the golden coloring, and enhances the cooking characteristics of the pasta. For our egg free pastas, we add water as a replacement of the fresh eggs.

A huge selection of hard wheat and egg noodles, Asian noodles and organic pasta, gluten-free and whole-grain noodles as well as coupons can be purchased online.

After we have relaunched our german website, the english page is now updated. More information will follow shortly. For inquiries, please use our contact form.

Our noodles can be prepared in a variety of ways. Discover new, old-fashioned and refined recipes and try out new creations.